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Surveys undertaken

Robert J Perry is a MECAL certified marine Surveyor who offers various types of Marine Surveys, Consultancy and expert witness services. Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements and to request a quotation.


Insurance – Condition & Valuation Survey

It is normal for insurers to request a survey be carried out on vessels over fifteen to twenty years old,or sometimes younger.

An insurance survey is intended to assure your insurance company and their underwriters that your vessel is in a safe and reliable condition to protect their risk. In most cases, an out of the water condition survey is required.

A typical Insurance Survey concentrates on hull condition and the general safety of the vessel. A current market valuation may also be required.

During the inspection key areas of the vessel will be assessed, the underwater section of the hull, stern gear arrangements, topsides, engines, rigging, gas/water/electrical systems, safety aspects and equipment. The overall condition of the vessel and accommodation will also be inspected and relevant comments and recommendations made.


A Pre-Purchase Survey is intended to reassure you and your lender if appropriate, prior to making a final payment on your purchase thus avoiding any disappointment. This generally follows the format of the above insurance Survey. It's always advisable to commission a survey prior to purchase of any vessel, new or second hand.

The surveyor will examine all visible and accessible parts of the vessel and its equipment, it is advisable to arrange to have the vessel lifted ashore for the inspection.  A sea trial may also be undertaken if required (Motor Vessels only).

The surveyor is always available to discuss the report, and clarify any areas of the report on request.

Small Commercial Vessel Code of Practice Surveys

Small vessels operating commercially under the British flag or in British waters must comply with the merchant shipping regulations or an MCA code of practice. There are  various codes for small vessels (up to 24m), which are engaged at sea in activities which carry cargo and/or passengers, or in some cases provide a service in which neither cargo or passengers are carried.

MCA Code of Practice compliance surveys are carried out through MECAL an the MCA certifying authority.

We are here to offer advice on the Code of Practice and its special categories, which relate to your commercial operation and carry full indemnity insurance.

Engine / Engineering Pre-Purchase Survey

We can provide detailed engine and mechanical inspections covering instruments, control systems, mountings, exhaust system, Intake and fuel systems, lubrication systems, fresh and sea water systems, electrical system, oil sample analysis, gearbox/out-drive, propellers, stern gear, sea trials and performance reports. Please call us for more details.


AMIMarEST – Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology

AMCMS – Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors

I.Eng - Incorporated Engineer – Engineering Council

DoT Class 1 Certificated Department of Transport

MECAL Certifying Surveyor – Marine Engineers Certifying Authority Ltd

Rob Perry Marine Surveys
Rob Perry Marine Survey


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