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Highfield Patrol Range

The Patrol range of commercial quality RIBs are designed to work both excellently as a long distance family cruiser or a hardcore work boat.

Built to withstand the toughest of conditions.

The hull is built from 5083 aluminium plates with 6 and 10mm stringers. With their super deep V, wide chines and large diameter tube, they offer high manoeuvrability, high safety and a soft dry ride even in the roughest conditions.

The range offers something for almost every requirement, from Sailing club support to Police and Rescue applications.

The Patrol boats carry large loads and plane quickly and easily with little horse-power. For charter boat and commercial operators, the modular set-up option means that we can build a layout that suits your needs. These boats are ideal pursuit craft or work boats and can be configured with different seating and console options. When safety, toughness & reliability really matter, the Patrol range should be your first port of call.

With MCA rating & commercial coding available, the Patrol range is perfect for commercial chartering or working offshore too.


The Highfield Patrol 420 might be the smallest in its class, but paired with a Honda Outboard of a maximum of up to 60Hp it sure knows how to pack a punch. A super starter boat. 

HIghfield PA420
Highfield PA420


The Highfield Patrol 460 offers the customer more internal space than the PA420. 

and can be paired with a Honda outboard upto 80hp


The Highfield Patrol 500 is a super rib, accomodating upto 10 people (max) can be paired with up-to a 100Hp (max) outboard. It is a great starter boat, with most customers finding it easy to tow, launch, moor and retrieve.   

Highfield PA500
Highfield PA540


The Highfield Patrol 540 is a great versatile boat.  Ideal if you want to have a few friends on board alongside your fishing tackle and head off to your favourite spot to see what you can catch.  With the combination of the aluminium light weight hull and a maximum of 110Hp you will love the PA540. 

Highfield Patrol 6m to 8.60m


Offering versatility, the Highfield Patrol 600, can be configured for family outings and yet by choosing different seating and console options can be a brilliant accompaniment to commercial customers alike. 

Highfield PA600
Highfield PA600


The Highfield (Patrol) PA700 once again doesn't fail to impress, it has an increased internal capacity allowing for more space for all your essentials and incorporates a drop down table at which to dine.  


Fish, water ski, relax or rescue and help save lives, the Highfield Patrol PA660 is your sturdy, robust yet lightweight water buddy. With a maximum of 200hp we are confident you will not be disappointed.    

Highfield Patrol 700
Highfield PA760


The Highfield Patrol 860 is the largest in the Patrol range and offers further increased capacity and can accommodate a maximum of 20 people. With a 430L fuel tank you can rest assured that longer trips wil be no problem. Powered by upto 300HP outboards (max) you will get to your destination in no time. 


The Highfield Patrol 760 is a favourite amongst our commercial customers and families alike.  Its robust design and strength in hull combined with Hypalon tubes as a standard makes it a great boat of choice.    

Highfield PA860
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