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"The Quicksilver range has always perfectly blended fun and style with practicality and safety.

The evolving direction of the Quicksilver range now builds on this strength with collaborations between highly experienced designers, engineers and naval architects from the Brunswick Group, a leading force in the boating world. A strong partnership that has led to an even greater line-up of boats with true integrity and depth."

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"Cruise your favourite waterway or get the family started in watersports. The all-new Quicksilver  aXess is a vessel that’s small in size yet brings out massive smiles. Feel the air on your face with this open-cockpit boat, which comes well equipped for the entry-level boater, and the aXess offers even more value with popular extras available"

475 AXESS  525 AXESS

Quicksilver Activ open boats for sale


"All sundeck models combine a place in the sun with a spacious cabin. This means you’re all set for day trips and weekend getaways alike. Also, from the deck, water sports are only one jump away. Enjoy!"

605  675  755  805  875

Quicksilver Sundeck for sale


"Cruisers are made to spend the day and the night. And then another one. Thanks to their high, spacious cabins, your comfort level stays best-in-class in any circumstance. And as the boat sizes in this range grow larger, so does their wanderlust – starting with dreams of rivers and lakes, ending with a longing for open water."

605  675  755  805

Quicksilver Cruiser For Sale


 "Comfort level on board is maxed out to cater for young and old. This means you unwind in safety and in style – whether it’s on the sun deck, at the dining table or in the cabin."

675  755  905  

Quicksilver weekend for sale


"The Activ Open combines all the ingredients for safe cruising in an ultra-modern, versatile and ergonomic package. Step aboard with family and friends and cast off for a smooth and relaxing ride."

455 505 555 605 675 805

Quicksilver Activ Open


"The cabin boats were designed to offer as much space as possible. This means you’ll have lots of storage room to put clothing, equipment and whatever you like. Also, prolonged berths provide for a comfy place indoors."

505  555

Quicksilver 555 Cabin for sale


"A bow rider is an on-demand thrill delivery service. As its captain, you have a powerful engine at your fingertips, while your passengers have the water itself at theirs! From the bow area, they catch the breeze and gaze at the horizon.
Which model best suits you and your crew? "

555  605  675  

Quicksilver Bowrider for sale


"Gather ‘round, fishermen. What is your favorite fishing boat? Do you prefer a compact model or a bigger boat to go out on a fishing weekend? Can you resist a sleek inboard fishing boat with a large swim platform to fish from or go trolling?

Do you have a weak spot for sport fishing? "

625  705  805  

Quicksilver Pilothouse for sale
805 Pilothouse
Quicksilver Pilothouse
Quicksilver Pilothouse
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*Please note, we regret we do not ship overseas.

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"Quicksilver is part of Brunswick Corporation, world leader in recreational boats, marine engines and marine parts & accessories."


"Brunswick has operations in 24 countries and its products are sold in over 170 markets around the globe. Through its collection of world-renowned brands, Brunswick is dedicated to defining the future of the recreational marine market."

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